An Update and our Values

January 2023

The difficulties of layering commerce atop social

December 2022

Fandom does not follow billion dollar valuations, billion dollar valuations follows fandom.

November 2022

Stories capture values, codify cultures and elicit emotion. Great businesses do the same. Storytelling is core to our DNA at Banter. Below, please find…
The delicious illusion of direct response marketing

August 2022

A First Principles Examination

June 2022

Revisiting the importance of Stories, and the Magic of Collision
Inflation, Interest Rates, The War in Ukraine & Commodity Prices, Labor Markets and The Great Repricing

April 2022

On Commerce & Social Interaction and how Web3 can digitize the Franchise Agreement

March 2022

An Analysis of LTV/CAC in Offline Channels

February 2022

The Importance of Stories, Euphoria, Self-Expression, Sexuality & Generational Tension

January 2022

Impossible to Possible, Cell-Cultured Meat, and the Radical Future of Food